User Safety Update

Highrise experienced unprecedented growth this last year, and we have to admit that our moderation and safety tools have not been able to keep up with the unexpected influx of new users. While we are grateful to see our app grow bigger, many of you have reached us to share your concern about our ability to uphold our promise of a safe environment for our users.

We’d like to start by writing this blog post to update you on some of the recent additions we’ve made to improve user safety:

🍼 Implementing stricter age restrictions

New users will now be asked to enter their age when making an account. You must be at least 13 or older to use Highrise, and we reserve the option to remove accounts of users who are identified or reported to not meet our minimum age requirements. Additionally, users under the age of 18 will have certain restrictions placed on their accounts and will be subject to more strict moderation.

We have also changed the age rating on the App Store: The suggested age to play Highrise is now 17+.

🚨 Improving our reporting tool in order to handle reports more effectively

Users will now be able to type in their own messages when reporting somebody. This feature should help us prioritize and carry out proper moderation actions more efficiently. Users will also be able to report users who do not meet our minimum age of 13, and we will investigate these users accordingly.

🤖 Upgrading our technical tools for moderation

We’ve made some updates to our moderation platform to help our human moderators handle your reports more efficiently. Their AI-powered counterparts got an update too! We’ve enhanced our automatic moderation tool to support multiple languages in order to detect and flag posts, pictures, and message that may be inappropriate, as well as users who are not behaving according to our Community Guidelines.

Looking ahead…

Along with these changes, we’ll keep working hard to develop and enhance our safety features. As we continue to implement updates to our app, we encourage you to share your thoughts with us. Feedback from users like you will help us figure out exactly where and what we can improve on in order to uphold our promise of user safety!

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