SkyPass Debut

Today, we introduced SkyPass! We’re really excited about this new feature, and believe it has the potential to add tons of value and easily obtainable rewards for all players. 

Read on to discover what SkyPass is all about, as well as sneak previews into other features coming down the pipeline over the next few weeks. 


What is SkyPass?

SkyPass is a system of daily challenges and rewards. Players complete tasks varying in difficulty from Easy to Hard to collect tokens called Stars, which are then used to progress through Tiers. Finishing a Tier rewards you with Bubbles, Free Spin Tokens, and dozens of unique items.

Each day will present you with three new challenges that might include visiting a trading room, chatting with your crewmates, or finding your outfit twin. The full rewards set for completing every Tier will change about once a month, in what we’re calling seasons. 

If you don’t want to finish every task, you can always use Gold to instantly progress through the Tiers and unlock multiple rewards at a time. And, we also offer an additional premium rewards track for bonus rewards. 



This is the premium rewards track, currently available for $9.99 USD. Over the course of a month, SkyPass+ gives you 2,000 Gold – the exact same amount you receive with a typical Gold package purchase of 9.99 (or your country’s equivalent). And, you also net over 20k Bubbles, several Grab Tokens, and over a dozen unique, tradeable items. As we continue the process of fine-tuning through future seasons, the exact number of Bubbles and items distributed through the premium track is subject to change. However, Skypass+ will always yield a quantity of Gold at least equal to a regular purchase.


Why we made it

The old Daily Rewards system was a quick and easy way to grow your Bubble stash and acquire unique monthly outfits. While valuable in providing players – especially new players – with Bubbles and other fun extras, we felt they were lacking a vital element: actually being fun. 

New daily goals involve tasks designed to help new players get acquainted with various features and promote social connection within the community. We don’t just want you to grind for no reason. As an app designed to be social-first, making it easier and more fun to engage with your neighbors has always been priority #1. 

Community Feedback

That being said, we’re a community that relies heavily on player insights to help us course-correct. Our culture is one that prizes adventure and exploration: sometimes with unexpected and, if we’re being honest, unfortunate consequences. That’s why we need your honest feedback: we’re not expecting SkyPass to be perfect the first season, or even the second (or third!). What we originally conceived to be engaging tasks may turn out to be dull, annoying, grindy, etc. If it’s not fun, tell us! The best way to get in touch is through our suggestion site,, which we regularly monitor for player comments.

In about a week, we’ll open a new survey to gather some insights on your experiences with the feature so far. What’s working? What’s totally not? We’ll be listening carefully and will keep you posted on any changes we implement.


Upcoming Features

SkyPass is just one of several efforts to boost item and Bubble accessibility across the app. 

To continue providing free items, we’ve decided to lean into the use of rewarded videos. We’ll be dropping a new grab that rewards you with a free spin per video watched, for up to five spins a day. Next, we’re making another daily rewards system: the first set of rewards will be free, and the second will be easily accessible by watching a quick video. 

While these next two features will provide a regular resource for Bubbles, they require a bit more work to develop on our end and likely won’t release for a few more weeks. So, to keep the Bubble market going strong, we’ll continue to send everyone in the community a daily gift of 500 Bubbles. 

As always, tell us what you’re thinking at this is our suggestion site that we frequently reference as a community pulse check. Your feedback has proven invaluable in shaping the direction of not just single features, but of the game itself. Thank you for all your support as we continue to grow! 

Love, HR


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