A Review of Last Week’s Dupe Glitch

On Thursday, July 8th, we discovered a duplication glitch. This kind of bug can yield significant quantities of valuable items and gold and has the potential for major disruption when these items are introduced to the game economy. Here are the steps we took to identify and resolve the issue.


What happened?

5:14 AM PST Our server team is alerted to the glitch. Meanwhile, our support team freezes the accounts of both the players responsible for the exploit, and those who knowingly participated in trading or tipping of duplicated gold and items.

At this time, support begins manually tracking and removing high value items from exploitative accounts and reversing recent trades of these duped items.

8:42 AM PST A fix is deployed by our backend team to prevent future exploitation of this glitch.

9:00 AM PST Our team creates and runs a custom script to quickly identify duped trades, and the support team uses this script to aid in efforts to correctly action players involved in these trades.

5:05 PM PST Patrick, our Live-Ops lead, posts in-game to inform players of the glitch and continues to update the community on the status of the bans. 

As players begin writing to support following these posts, we review each trade on a case-by-case basis to ensure that all actions are fair and accurate. For example, if an unsuspecting player sold high value items for duped gold, we reversed these transactions, reissued them their item, and removed the gold from their account. 



At this time, accounts involved in this exploit have been actioned by our support team and we have reversed the necessary transactions. While players need not worry about receiving a ban in error for innocently participating in a bugged trade, please write to us if you believe we have made a mistake. We know Friday’s post on the subject caused some alarm, so please accept our apologies for the unnecessary stress! 

Thanks to our devs, we’re able to carry on as usual with eventing, trading, tipping, and spinning. However, these types of bugs have the potential to severely impact the value of rare items, so we want to take this opportunity to remind everyone of our Bug Bounty! Find a glitch and report it to our Concierge Desk with whatever steps you know may trigger it, and you can expect a gold reward (and a one-of-a-kind bugswatter item!). 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write in about this glitch! Let us know if you have any questions regarding how we handled this issue. 


Until next time, 


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